Heidegger and(/or) Jonas

Two philosophers have dominated my attention from my undergraduate degree through to my PhD and beyond. The first is Martin Heidegger, and the second is his one-time student, Hans Jonas. I hadn’t encountered Heidegger’s work prior to becoming an undergraduate, and at that time was instead impressed by other great ‘Continental’ European philosophers: Hegel, Marx,Continue reading “Heidegger and(/or) Jonas”

The Left, and Twitter’s role in its downfall

The immediate background to this post is the electoral quagmire that the Labour party – to which I belong – currently finds itself. Labour has been out of power for eleven years, lost four elections on the trot (the last calamitously), has just lost a by-election to the ruling Conservative party and may very wellContinue reading “The Left, and Twitter’s role in its downfall”