Thanks for taking a look at my blog. My plan is to use it to keep track of – and hopefully develop – ideas, thoughts and reflections on issues that interest me. I expect that these will, for the most part, relate to philosophy, politics, technology, and nature (human and non-human), since those are the things I’ve been writing about in a more-or-less professional capacity for the last eight years or so.

The reason this is taking the form of a blog is that, well, as much as I like writing, and am proud of my various publications, I don’t always find the transition from thought to written product an easy one. Part of the problem is that, being a classic introvert, I don’t naturally externalise my thinking. Another factor is that I’m quite a perfectionist about the written word, and like to edit and re-edit constantly as a I write. For both of these reasons I’ve never been able to write as productively and easily as I’d like to.

My hope, however, is that by writing a blog I’ll develop the habit of jotting down thoughts which are still unpolished and in embryonic form. This means any posts (including this one!) will be more rough-and-ready than my usual work, but that’s just fine: getting comfortable with pressing ‘Publish’ on a piece of writing that I’m not 100% happy with is exactly the point.

So I’m going to set myself a challenge: to try to publish a blog, say, once a month (look, I didn’t say I’d be writing regularly) and just get it out there. It doesn’t really matter to me what it’ll be on – as long as I’m developing some ideas and recording them quickly, rather than letting them slip in the churn of day-to-day life, I’ll be happy. I hope that you enjoy reading them, and get something from this blog.

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