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New work, academic and public

Over the last several months I’ve carried on writing articles for a public forum: Beyond Belief, a spin-off site of Aish.com and which is hosted on Substack here. It’s been, I have to say, a great experience, and to give you a flavour of why, let me quote the mission statement of Beyond Belief: “Beyond…

Two new essays – and more to come

I haven’t written on here for a good while as I’ve been busy with various things, some quite exciting. The first and least dramatic development is that I’ve been conducting research for the second chapter of my new book. This chapter will be on Heidegger, and in preparation for writing it I’ve read Rüdiger Safranski’s…

New book update #2

Over the last month I’ve been ticking along with my new book, and so I wanted to make a quick note, primarily for my own benefit, of what I’ve achieved and the changes it’s undergone. Firstly, I was busy rewriting the introduction again and again and again to try to get the tone right. This…